Hawthorn Berry Benefits

Top 10 Amazing of Hawthorn Berry Benefits

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Have you ever heard the name of “hawthorn berries”? This is a very useful fruit especially for cardiovascular disease. Hawthorn berries or more popular with “haws” are useful as medicine and culinary. One of the compounds in it are bioflavonoids, proanthocyanidins and antioxidants.

What Is Hawthorn Berries

Hawthorn berries comes from northern Europe and can be cultivated throughout the world. This red fruit contains many powerful substances that are beneficial for health. The fruit is still classified in the apple family, because the color is bright red. However, the tree is thorny, if not careful you can get the durian.

This part of the plant is almost entirely beneficial. In ancient times, they took advantage of parts of this plant such as flowers, leaves, berries, branches and even the tree. Everything is useful as medicine. The leaves and flowers contain more flavonoids than with berries.

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Hawthorn berries are nutritious fruits for heart health. Those with a history of heart disease are strongly encouraged to consume this fruit. They can use this fruit to manage stress and healthy diet. Hawthorn berries are a long-term medication to prevent heart disease.

In Europe, thousands of doctors prescribe hawthorn berries to treat cardiovascular. Even now the official drug in several countries in the world such as Brazil, Germany, China, France, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland and Russia.

Amazing Health Benefits of Hawthorn Berry

1. Heart failure

This is a condition where the heart is weak and unable to pump blood all over the limbs properly. After doing research on heart disease patients, it is known that hawthorn berries potent overcome cardiovascular. Unnecessary side effects indicate that this amazing fruit greatly overcomes heart failure stage 1 and stage 2.

2. Good for Angina

Hawthorn is also very good for treating angina, a disease that occurs due to weakness of the blood flow of the heart. The health benefits of Hawthorn Berry also fit in the journal “The Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge”, called Hawthorn capable of widening blood vessels and improving blood flow. That’s all, the benefits of Hawthorn fruit also strengthens the heart muscle, and secretes excess water and salt in the body.

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3. Improve Immune system

The hawthorn berries contain vitamin C which is great for increasing the activity of white blood cells. So, it is not only useful to eliminate toxins in the body but also improve the health of white blood cells. It certainly increases your body’s immunity.

4. Treating high blood pressure

Hawthorn berries are also useful for preventing hypertension by controlling blood pressure. Magnesium is one of the substances that play a role in this problem. It is has been proven in a study conducted at Readings University in the UK.

5. Anxiety

In the traditional world, hawthorn berries are beneficial as a remedy to overcome anxiety and stress. During a study on the association of hawthorn with high blood pressure, it was observed that those who consume hawthorn berries get decrease of anxiety compared with those taking placebo drag. Perhaps, hawthorn berries have a hormonal relationship so as to cure anxiety and stress even depression.

6. Treating intestinal infections

Intestinal infections that caused by tapeworms can also be handled by hawthorn berries. Thus, the health benefits of hawthorn berry are not just for anxiety and heart disease.

7. Good for digestive health

Hawthorn contains many organic compounds that work with intestinal flora to improve digestion. High fiber content in hawthorn berries is very good for preventing and treating constipation, cramps and bloating.

8. Lowering bad cholesterol

Furthermore, the hawthorn berry benefits are lowering bad cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels in the blood. In the study at patients with abnormal lipids that treated with hawthorn berries. Simultaneously this fruit is able to increase good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering the LDL.

9. Increases energy

Consuming hawthorn fruit is able to enlarge the coronary blood vessels so that the body part receives much blood from the heart. The benefit is to give a lot of energy to the body and increase alertness. In addition, it also incorporates a lot of oxygen into the body through the blood resulting in increased cognitive skills, energy and metabolism.

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10. Eczema and psoriasis

Hawthorn berries are also best for using topically on the skin, anti-inflammatory compounds in hawthorn are useful for reducing itching on wound healing, and are able to cure itching in psoriasis and eczema.