Health Benefits of Betel Leaf

Top 20 Health Benefits of Betel Leaf, No 18 Shocked You

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Health Benefits of Betel Leaf – Many vegetables and foliage can be made as an alternative treatment. Ancient people believed that a number of vegetables and fruits and some types of leaves can cure various diseases. This is thanks to the many nutritional content in it. Therefore, eating vegetables and fruits on a regular basis can reduce the symptoms of certain diseases. One leaf that has many health benefits is betel leaf.

So, in this article we will give you some kind of health benefits related to betel leaf. Betel leaf including plants that exist in the family Piperaceae, other plants that enter into this family is pepper and kava. Betel is a favorite of the elderly in some places like India and Indonesia. In Indonesia, especially Aceh (aceh language: ranup), they consider betel leaves to glorify guests who come home. Each guest will be given betel leaves complete with lime, areca nut. The combination of these ingredients is then fed as a typical food. Besides Aceh, countries such as India, Thailand, Vietnam are also very popular with betel leaf. The Indians call it “Paan Ka Patta”, while the Telugu people name “Tamalapaku”.

Betel leaf has a dark green color, there is also a type of betel color yellow. The leaves form like a liver, and if squeeze will release water with a spicy and cool taste. The benefits of betel leaf are very popular is to prevent the formation of plaque on teeth and against bacteria. In addition, betel leaf is also useful for detoxifying blood and fighting inflammation as well as very good to meet the body’s antioxidants.

So, if you want to know more about the benefits of betel leaf for exceptional health, let’s look at the following points.

Amazing Health Benefits of Betel Leaf

1. Source of Antioxidants

Betel leaf is rich with antioxidants so famous as a great leaf for health. If you chew betel leaves, it helps you produce antioxidants in the form of ascorbic acid. It is a great antioxidant nutrient that is useful to protect the body from exposure to population and oxidation in the body.

2. Sources of Great Nutrition

Betel leaf rich in various useful nutrients so that its existence is very important for health. Among the nutrients present in betel leaves are phenyl, tannin, chavicol, propane, cyneole, alkaloids, sesquiterpenes and sugars. This nutrient content makes the betel leaf as a great leaf to improve health naturally.

3. Fight Free Radicals

One of the health benefits of betel leaf is to fight radicals and prevent free radicals. This is thanks to the presence of high antioxidants in it. Ascorbic acid acts as an antioxidant both to protect the body from harmful substances such as pollution, ultraviolet exposure, toxins and free radicals that can prevent cancer.

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4. Prevents Constipation

Constipation is a digestive health disorder that causes hard stools, making some one difficult to remove it. The cause may vary such such as lack of fiber in the diet, lack of fluids or due to taking certain medications. To prevent constipation, a person should consume lots of fiber, such as fruits and vegetables. Betel leaf with antioxidants are also powerful to help control stomach pH levels. You simply chew betel leaves regularly to get good digestion and healthy.

5. Functioning as Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation in the body can cause a variety of health problems if not properly treated. In fact, the heart can not function properly if you have inflammation of this vital organ. So, it is one should consume foods that can prevent and treat inflammation. Chewing betel leaves is beneficial to improve health due to anti-inflammatory and antioxidants within. To keep the body away from inflammation, you can chew the leaves “ranup” or “Paan Ka Patta” regularly.

6. Increases Hunger

Because betel leaf helps stabilize gastric pH levels, it is useful for improving hunger. So, chewing betel leaves not only can eliminate toxins in the body but can also be useful to improve hunger and appetite.

7. Prevents Gastric Pain

Furthermore, the benefits of betel leaf for health is to prevent stomach pain. This is thanks to its ability to balance gastric pH levels and reduce acidity levels. As a result, stomach pain will decrease little by little. Beside that, chew betel leaf is also useful to remove bloating and accumulated gas in the stomach.

8. Fixed Digestion System

As we have mentioned above that betel leaf plays a role in improving digestive health. Well, if you chew some betel leaves after eating, then it can protect your stomach from various dangers. In addition to chewing, you can also boil betel leaf and then drink the water as an instant remedy for indigestion. So, betel leaf is an alternative and best way to maintain the health of the digestive system.

9. Treating Respiratory Pain

Coughs and colds are some of the common digestive problems. Drinking boiled water of betel leaf can be an alternative to treat this respiratory problem. In addition, he also helps overcome problems such as asthma. If you want to enjoy the betel leaf stew, try to add some cinnamon in it. It will be different and delicious.

10. Acting as an Analgesic

Another benefit is as an analgesic. That is, betel leaf can help you overcome the pain due to bruises, rashes, wounds, and various other types of inflammation. Betel leaf paste can also be used to restore inflammation. Another way you can try is to drink the betel leaf that is soaked in water, this will reduce the pain.

11. Have Anti-Fungal Benefits

Thanks to the great nutritional content, betel leaf is useful as an anti-fungal. Just by chewing some betel leaf alone you can already maintain health from fungal infections.

12. Treating Cough

One of the health benefits of betel leaf is to treat cough instantly. This is thanks to the presence of antibiotics that work to reduce inflammation in the throat. So, if you have a cough, immediately boil some betel leaves and drink them regularly.

13. Treating Diabetes

Who would have thought if betel leaves good for diabetes. Betel leaf contains the nutrients of riboflavin and vitamin C. Chewing betel leaves regularly every day can help lower blood sugar levels. This amazing benefit you can find on the heart-shaped leaves.

The Health Benefits of Betel Leaf

14. Treating Headaches

Betel leaf is an alternative to treat headaches naturally. Thanks to its analgesic and cool properties, treatment with betel is an excellent home remedy to treat headaches. To get treatment from a headache, you can put (apply) betel leaf on the forehead and let a few moments.

15. Treats Bronchitis

In addition to treating headaches, betel leaf is also a natural remedy for bronchitis. Essential nutrients in betel leaf potent to alleviate inflammation and bronchial cod as well as lung disease.

16. Treats Urinary Problem

If you have urine problems such as non-fluid urination or a bit of urine, try using betel leaves as a natural remedy. It acts as a natural diuretic and reduces and helps fluid retention in the body. Add betel water into drinking water, consume regularly every day.

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17. Increase Body Metabolism

The ability of betel leaf to normalize intestinal pH was triggering the intestine to actively absorb minerals and essential nutrients. This will help the body to smoothly dispose of waste and will in turn increase the body’s metabolism.

18. Treating Muscular Problems

Betel leaf is also useful as a natural remedy to treat muscular problems. Blend the betel leaves and mix with the carrier oils such as olive oil and coconut oil. Apply on the skin and massage slowly to treat muscle problems. Another benefit of using this drug is relieve back pain, swelling and redness.

19. Promotes the Alertness

One of the herbal beneficial drink is betel leaves water. Drinking betel leaf water is also good for improving mental health and alertness. Not only that, but the benefits of betel leaf for health also helps promote body energy to produce monumental work.

20. Maintain oral health

Chewing betel leaves as habits of people in the past was able to eliminate bad breath and maintain oral health including gums and teeth. This great leaf contains anti-bacterial, germ and anti-pathogenic. So, not only beneficial for it but also good to overcome tooth decay and strengthen the gums.

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In addition to using betel leaves, you can also use other herbs to improve oral health. Among them are fennel, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, cardamom. It is a good oral freshener that improves oral health.