How To Get Rid Of An Ingrown Hair

How To Get Rid Of An Ingrown Hair

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An Ingrown Hair is very painful and this is a problem for most of us. Ingrown hair cause lumps and give a great itch. Not only that which is troublesome but also find out how to effectively remove the hair that grows inside. Usually it grows when we shave it, it is very annoying and lost comfort.

If you are an Ingrown hair victim, please read this article to complete. We will give you the solution and how to get rid of it. Lets see first how to prevent this

How to Prevent Ingrown Hair

But not wrong if you notice first how to prevent the Ingrown hair properly. Here, all you have to do is get rid of the blunt razor. Do not shave with a blunt razor because it can cause skin cell streaks, this causes new hairs stuck in your skin. Also, do not shave without using shaving cream. Choose a shaving cream rich in moisturizers, containing coconut oil or mango butter. It really helps you in shaving and softening the skin so it avoids you from Ingrown hair.

Another important way to consider is not to shave hair at all unless it is really needed. Apparently, dermatologists agree that shaving only needs to be done when it is so important. So, you can avoid Ingrown of hair just by changing these little habits.

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Do not be afraid, you can take care of the ingrown hair with safe method without involving the terrifying laser. Here are 4 important steps how to get rid of Ingrown hair quickly.

How to Get Rid of An Ingrown Hair

1. Exfoliate the Area

We certainly want to prevent early the ingrown hair. All of us want to get rid of it before a painful bump emerges. You can peel an infected area by using home material twice a day. Use baking soda, raw honey, and nutmeg powder. The combination of these three natural ingredients will cause dead skin cells peel off and remove inflammation. The presence of honey is very important to maintain the moisture that helps hair grow well without being trapped inside the skin.

2. Using hot water

Furthermore, the way to get rid of ingrown hair is by using a hot compress. Hot compresses will soften the skin, open the pores and help hair to grow out. Soak a washcloth in hot water and compress it on the infected area for 10 minutes. Repeat several times.

3. Release trapped hair

You need a tool to remove this trapped hair tip. We usually use pointed tip tweezers, and always soak the tip in alcohol. It aims to avoid infection and irritation.

To be safe in your work, wait until your hair grows a bit long, this will make it easier for you to remove the tip. Use tweezers that are strong enough for this task.

4. Heal the inflammation

The most important step in getting rid of ingrown hair is by treating inflammation and soothing the area. If you take OTC aftershave treatment, use a moisturizer tea tree herbal bump preventer. It contains natural vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties that help speed up the healing process.

In addition to OTC, you can also try DIY treatment. We meddle in rose water and Aloe Vera with a ratio of 3: 1. Then, add tea tree oil and witch hazel with the same comparison. Then, store in the refrigerator, cold characteristic will decrease the inflammation that occurs due to the ingrown hair.

So, this last step is very important to do, if only revoked, this has the potential to inflammation, irritation and other things that are not in want. So, this last stage process is very important to do. Good luck hopefully your ingrown hair get rid quickly.