Benefits of Camphor Essential Oil

11 Amazing Benefits of Camphor Essential Oil

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The health benefits of Camphor Essential Oil are extraordinary. It’s can not separate from the magical content in the oil. In general, white Camphor essential oil is known as antiseptic, stimulant, antispasmodic, anesthetic, sedative. Jam, the benefits are also included as anti-inflammatory, insecticides, and disinfectants. This extraordinary content makes this oil has amazing health benefits.

The origin of Camphor Essential Oil is from camphor plants that are processed by way of extraction of two types of camphor trees and skep the steam distilled. These are Common Camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora) and the Borneo Camphor tree (Dryobalanops camphora).

Among the constituent components of this white camphor essential oil are alcohol, pinene, camphor, terpene, safrol, and camphene components. Based on the above components, the benefits of white camphor oils are incredible, here we see the usefulness and efficacy of camphor oil as a natural home remedy.

Camphor Essential Oil Health Benefits

In addition to having a pervasive smell and cold characteristic, camphor has many uses for traditional home remedy.

Here we see one by one:

1. Improves Blood Circulation

One of the best uses of camphor essential oil is a smooth flow of blood throughout the body. This oil also provides benefits to metabolism, secretion, digestion, and excretion. This component provides relief to treat diseases related to blood circulation, digestion, and balance metabolism.

2. Prevents Skin Infections

As mentioned above that camphor essential oil contains disinfectants and insecticides. Both types of these components are useful for eradicating germs naturally. To get maximum results, you can add it to your drinking water especially during the rainy season and dry season because of the possibility of water contaminated at that time.
In addition, the benefits of camphor oil are to repel insects, burn the cloth that has been dipped into camphor essential oil, this will repel insects and kill the germs that exist. So, adding a little oil into the food can make insects afraid to approach. Not only that, the benefits of camphor oil has also been used in various health products such as ointment, and lotion to cure skin diseases.

Using a few drops of camphor oil into the bath will take care of the whole body from germs and lice.

3. Reduces Nervous Disorders

The health benefits of camphor essential oils also alleviate neurological disorders. This oil acts as an anesthetic and causes numbness in the sensory nerves. Neurological disorders, seizures, epilepsy, nervousness, and chronic anxiety can also be treated naturally using camphor oil.

4. Reduce Congestion

Its strong scent serves as a powerful decongestant to reduce bronchial, pharyngeal, larynx, pulmonary and nasal passages. Thus, camphor oil is widely used as a component of decongestant medicine and cold rubs.

5. Treating Neuralgia

Neuralgia is a painful condition resulting from swollen blood vessels in addition to the ninth cranial nerve. This health problem can be overcome with camphor essential oil, it works by making the contraction in the blood vessels.

6. Removing the gas

Do you often experience stomach upsets such as the gathering of gas in the stomach or gas trapping so painful the body? Camphor essential oil is one of the powerful home remedies that drive out gas in the stomach.

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7. Relieves Spasms

Using camphor essential oils can provide instant recovery for people with seizures. Mean, camphor is very good for curing extreme spasmodic cholera.

8. Boosts your Libido

Health benefits of camphor oil are very extraordinary to increase libido. Camphor works by stimulating the part of the brain responsible for the desire of sexu2l libido. As a stimulant, if used externally, it can cure erection by improving blood circulation in the sore area.

9. Reduces Arthritis Pain

Camphor oil is a detoxifier for blood circulation. When blood flows well and smoothly, this will give relief to rheumatism, gout, and arthritis or skin infections. It also reduces swelling of the body because it is considered to be antiphlogistic. So, the benefits of blood flowing normally and without obstacles are huge, this is one of them.

10. Reduces Inflammation

The penetrating and cold effects produced by camphor oil are excellent for preventing and reduces inflammation. It is very useful to cure various inflammatory diseases. In addition, the associated health benefits are to calm the mind and provide a peaceful atmosphere.

In addition to direct use of body parts, camphor essential oils are also commonly used in bathtubs (drops of camphor) to provide a cool sensation, especially during summer.

11. Relaxes Nerves and Brain

Camphor oil also contains little narcotics, because this can calm and relax the brain. So, if consumed in excess he will give side effects in the form of loss of control of the limbs because it affects the brain. While the smell is addictive, many addicted people breathe in the smell.

Other Benefits of White Camphor oil

Unexpectedly, this oil that comes from Cinnamomum camphora is sometimes also used in patients with heart failure, certainly in combination with other drugs. Some other diseases that can be lightened and treated with white camphor oil are epilepsy, hysteria, cough, measles, flu, food poisoning, insect bites and infection of the reproductive organs.


Camphor oil is poisonous and can poison you if consumed in excessive amounts. In fact, consuming two grams alone can be deadly, so be careful to use internally. Some of the symptoms due to the effects of this oil are extreme thirst, vomiting, and decreased body temperature. Remember! Camphor essential oil is toxic to insects, so it is also toxic to humans albeit at different levels.