Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

7 Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

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Benefits of Taking Cold Showers – Have you ever showered with hot water like sulfur water that flows naturally on the slopes? You may do so in the hope of obtaining some health benefits. Can not deny that the benefits can be obtained, but a bath with cold water was also provide tremendous benefits for your life.

In this article, we will peel the benefits of bathing with cold water at the same time make you dare to try a cold shower. Let’s take health benefits of taking cold showers.

Cold Water Showers Health Benefits

1. Improve blood circulation

Smooth blood flow is very good for heart health as a whole. It’s also helpful to speed up your healing from heavy exercise or work. Replacing the habit of a cold shower with a hot shower is an effective way to improve the blood flow is good. When you bathe in cold water, the blood will move to the body organs to keep warm. While warm water changes this position, it will make the blood out in the skin area. Those accustomed to cold showers say that it can make them healthier and blood circulation becomes more fluent. Evidently also, that taking cold showers also make them more youthful in comparison with those who like hot baths.

2. Relieves depression

The next cold shower benefit is to relieve depression. Many influential people in history are depressed, one of whom is Henry David Thoreau. Naturally if they choose to soak in chilly Walden because this can make them a little relieved and free from depression.

In a study conducted by the Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, said that a cold shower of able stimulates the brain spot called “blue spot”. This is the main source of nor-adrenaline, a chemical that can reduce depression in the brain system. So, the benefits of taking cold showers with cold can provide a refreshing air for those who are stressed or depressed.

3. Maintain healthy skin and hair

Warm water dries your hair and skin, while a cold shower provides the opposite benefit. Cold water keeps the skin closed so that the pores shrink and make your skin look smooth and beautiful. Taking a cold shower is very important for your beauty, especially for skin beauty.

4. Increase testosterone

During the 19th century, many doctors suggested that young men bathe with cold water. It aims to extinguish self pollution. They assume that cold water can reduce the burning desire.

5. Boost immunity

Based on a study conducted in 1993 by Thrombosis Research Institute in England, that those who shower with cold water every day found many viruses that attack white blood cells compared with those who bathe with hot water. Researchers believe that this is a form of increased body metabolism, so the body’s efforts to warm up. Also, activate the immune system and release more white blood cells.

6. Improve fertility

Whether you are trying to be a father, a regular cold shower may help your fertility. the testicle is an important part of the body in this, it should not be hot, hence its existence always hang itself. The number of sperm is said to decrease as the temperature increases.

So, bathing with hot water can be a great alternative to prevent pregnancy. The man who takes a hot bath every 30 minutes within 3 weeks causes infertility over the next 6 months.

Well, when men change the way they bath, they try to bathe in cold water, the sperm count slowly, and the motility also increases.

7. Helping Weight Loss

Another benefit of taking cold showers is to promote your weight loss. Many people do not know this yet, in the human body there are two types of fat. Fat brown and white fat. White fat is a type of fat that is bad for health and all we hate against it. While brown fat is a good type of fat because it keeps the body warm.

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When you take a cold showers, then brown fat is activated, this will increase the energy and calories burned to warm the body. So, based on research, cold baths can increase brown fat up to 5x the normal amount. That is, it will eliminate body fat up to 9 pounds in a year.

For those of you who want to change the habit of bathing with heat, you should do it gradually until the body can adjust.

However, there are some people with certain conditions should avoid from a cold shower because it can cause shock to the body. If you experience such conditions that this, it looks like you should harness your inner on another way.

#Heart disease

The normal heart when the cold shower feels like it will explode, imagine if your heart is hurt.

#High blood pressure

If you are experiencing high blood pressure, you are forbidden to take a cold shower because it can cause a stroke.

#Having a fever

If you have a fever, you should avoid cold water because it can constrict blood vessels. At the time of fever, blood vessels should be widened to remove heat.

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