Calories In A Cantaloupe

Calories In A Cantaloupe, And How to Choose It

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Calories In A Cantaloupe – Nutrition is very important for the needs of the body. So, we need to eat certain foods to meet this need. Choosing healthy foods with low calorie content is very important. Cantaloupe is a very low-calorie fresh fruit, it includes rich nutrients that are essential for health. This fruit has many health benefits, for that always provide this fruit in your home as a healthy family food.

How to Identify

Cantaloupe is a fruit that belongs to the type of melon, the skin is patterned like a spider web became his trademark. In addition, the cantaloupe has a round shape with plants that propagate above the twigs. When the fruit is ripe, it will smell sweet from the outside and the flesh is light orange. Cantaloupe fruit is often eaten as a salad along with other fruits.

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Calories in A Cantaloupe

Talking about calories, you do not need to worry and worry because it is very low in calories so safe in consumption in large quantities. It certainly does not interfere with your healthy diet, even can support it. In a medium size cantaloupe contains only 188 calories. To get a lot of nutrients from this melon fruit, you can cut the dice and consume it as a salad or a healthy crunchy snack.

Other Nutrition In Cantaloupe

It is a low-calorie cantaloupe but very high in sugar content. One cantaloupe contains 45 g carbohydrates, this amount is dominated by sugar as much as 43 grams. If you limit it to one cup, you’ve got 53 calories and 12 grams of sugar.

While fiber also includes a high nutrients in this fruit. One medium size cantaloupe already contains 5 grams of fiber and 4.5 g protein. While the fat content is very little even close to zero. For a cantaloupe contains only 1 gram of fat. This is good news for us in maintaining healthy body.

Not only contain fiber, and protein alone but also a source of potassium. One cantaloupe contains 1.474 mg of potassium, 202 mg of vitamin C and has been getting beta carotene as much as 11,150.

The content of beta carotene and carotenoids in cantaloupe is very useful to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, reported by Linus Pauling Institute.

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How to Choose a Mature Cantaloupe

The taste of a melon or cantaloupe depends on the level of maturity. If it is ripe it will be fragrant and very tasty. You can smell from the outside of the skin, if he is cooked it will feel the smell. If not, you do not smell anything. Another way you can do is to press a little on the skin, if it is cooked then you will feel your fingers respond to the fruit.