Can You Eat Papaya Seeds

Can You Eat Papaya Seeds, Lets See Its Health Benefits

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Papaya is a fruit that grows in tropical regions such as Indonesia, America and countries in tropical climates. Papaya fruit much enjoyed when mature, can be eat directly and its has a taste sweet. Raw fruit is also used as a food menu that cook with foods and sometimes fried. But, talking about papaya seeds, hardly any people consume them, it feels spicy and like burning. Many are asking, can you eat papaya seeds or not?

To answer that question let’s see below about the seeds of papaya. Lets first look at the nutrients in papaya. Papaya is a high fruit of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and folate.

Papaya seeds also include a parts of fruit that full of nutrients. Mean, papaya seeds are also beneficial for health. Let’s look at the nutrients in papaya seeds.

If we refer to the American agriculture department, there is no measure of recommendation to consume papaya seeds as the recommendation to consume papaya itself. In addition, the USDA also never made the composition of papaya seed nutrients. However, it does not mean that papaya seeds can not be eaten. Research shows that papaya seeds contain many nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and proteins that are good for health. The highest content is fat, then papaya seeds eating should be done in moderation.

So, if you ask “can you eat papaya seeds?”, the answer is “sure, you can”. If so, what is the benefit of consuming papaya seeds? Here we see the review.

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Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

In the journal “Molecules,” released July 2011, it is said that papaya seeds contain phenoliccompounds, and flavonoids, both of which have antioxidant properties. Meanwhile, in the journal “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” mentioned that the possibility of papaya seeds contain immunomodulatory compounds that are useful to suppress tumor growth. Not only that, papaya seeds are very magical because they can kill parasites in the intestine, as reported in the journal “Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine.”

Possible Side Effects of Papaya Seeds

Consuming papaya seeds in large quantities can be toxicological to animals. This is due to the presence of Benzyl isothiocyanate compounds. In the journal Ethnopharmacology in 2003 mentioned that papaya seed extract has a contraceptive effect on animals. However, it is not known whether it applies equally to humans or not. So, if you want to take advantage of papaya seeds should be consumed in moderation.

Benefits of Papaya Seeds for Culinary

Who would have thought that the bitter and spicy papaya seeds are also used in certain culinary. You can add papaya seeds to the salad, papaya seeds can be served with salad, or with soup or put into various dishes instead of black pepper.

In conclusion, papaya seeds can be eaten even good for health, but should in limit. So when consuming papaya, try to include its seeds as well.