Best Essential Oils for Constipation

Top 9 Best Essential Oils for Constipation

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When suffering from constipation many people do not think to use essential oils. In fact, one way to cure constipation is using essential oils. Constipation is a condition when one is difficult to dispose of waste due to poor bowel movements. Not only that, but constipation is also a very disturbing and painful problem, causing cramps, bloating and abdominal disturbances.

If constipation is frequent, a person is more likely to have a higher risk of colorectal cancer, gastric ulcers, and absorption of nutrients that are not optimal. Spending too long on the toilet is very uncomfortable, then know the cause of constipation and how to overcome constipation.

The Causes of Constipation

Its causes of constipation are various including using certain medications. In addition, constipation also caused by improper diet, hormonal disorders, excessive use of laxatives, infection of the intestine or stomach.

Unhealthy lifestyles can also cause constipation such as drinking alcohol and substance abuse. Consuming an object as above may slow down the bowel movement, and this is the cause of actual constipation. Constipation that afflicts someone can be acute and chronic, even dangerous if not treated properly. One way to treat constipation is by using essential oils for constipation. However, if you do not want to, you can seek medical advice to get medical treatment.
Using essential oils to treat constipation is very effective because it contains many substances in it. Essential oils contain anti-inflammatory, carminative, sedative, relaxant, and anti-spasmodic.

Best Essential Oils for Constipation

Essential oils that can be used to treat constipation are numerous, but we have selected some essential oils that have been tested and proven to be beneficial for constipation. Here we see an effective list of oils to treat constipation naturally.

1. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger oil is one that is already well known as a natural oil for curing digestive problems like relieve constipation. It also includes a nutritious oil to calm the stomach, and promote digestive problems.

Ginger is also good for relieving tension in the abdomen and releasing clogged gas.

How to use it:

Add 3-5 drops of ginger oil into a glass of ginger tea for a stomach stimulant. The ginger oil will work to regulate the bowel movement well so that it moves normally.

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2. Fennel Oil

Fennel is a spice dish that was thousands of years ago used as home remedies to overcome the problem of digestion. So, some people often chew on fennel before eating. Highly concentrated fennel oil serves as a laxative, it stimulates abdominal movement as it should.

How to use it:

The use of fennel essential oil is done externally. You can interfere fennel oil with other carriers oil, then rub it on the stomach. This oil will sink in and provide the desired benefits.

3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint essential oil is anti-spasmodic that useful to soothe the tension of the abdominal muscles. This tension usually causes the cessation of peristalsis. Peppermint oil is soothing and anti-irritant so it can provide a quick relief on your constipation.

How to use it:

Take a glass of warm water and add 3 drops of peppermint oil, drink this water before going to bed at night and when waking up in the morning. It helps the body’s performance smoothly throughout the day.

4. Black Pepper Essential Oil

Furthermore, the essential oil for constipation is black pepper oil. Black pepper contains anti-inflammatory and as a stimulant. This essential oil is able to resist the buildup of excess gas and waste in the stomach. So, constipation will not happen.

How to use black pepper oil: Black pepper oil is very concentrated, then you just need a little. Add a little black pepper oil to your dish to provide a spicy flavor. Remember! just a little. Black pepper oil will work to move your intestines well.

5. Turmeric Essential Oil

Turmeric is a spice that never forgot in any menu of cuisine, the especially Indian dish. The presence of turmeric gives its own color for cooking so it adds appetite. However, there are great benefits of adding turmeric because turmeric contains high antioxidants, as a stimulant, increases body metabolism and as an anti-inflammatory. So, eating turmeric can stabilize the bacteria in the intestine and increase nutrient uptake.

How to use turmeric oil: The people use turmeric oil in savory dishes. With this simple way, turmeric is able to add flavors and benefits to digestive health.

6. Sweet Basil Oil

This is an ancient home remedy that is often used to excessive in the stomach. Basil oil is effective to soothe the stomach due to constipation and stimulate bowel movements to prevent constipation.

How to use it: One way is to add some of this oil into the food. In addition, you can also add a few drops of basil oil into the bath and soak there for 30 minutes. This oil will seep into the skin and provide relief for you.

7. Lemon Essential Oil

This is one of the best essential oils for constipation. This oil consists of and antioxidants, and limonene that can help inflammation. So, lemon oil is very good for relieving the symptoms of constipation.

How to use: To get a therapeutic effect, many people inhaled it. There are also those who use lemon oil by dissolving it first with the carrier oil and massaging in the stomach.

8. Marjoram Essential Oil

In the world of traditional medicine, marjoram oil is renowned as a natural laxative to relieve constipation. It quickly gives stimulation to peristaltic movement and restores your digestive health. But do not recommend to use this oil too often. Only use for treatment and not for prevention.

How to use marjoram oil: Marjoram oil is often a flavoring of soup dishes, but its also used in the steam inhalation. This oil has an aroma that can stimulate the performance of digestion.

9. Rosemary Essential Oil

Powerful rosemary oil gives stimulants to the gastrointestinal system. It can stimulate intestinal circulation. This oil provides peristaltic movement and provides normal functioning of the digestive muscles and function.

How to use it: To get the benefits of rosemary oil in treating constipation, you can add 5 drops into the herbal tea. In addition to this, you can also rub it on the abdomen to be absorbed and then increase bowel movements.


The use of essential oils to relieve constipation is indeed the best alternative. But there are still some potential side effects that you should know. Eating essential oils can sometimes cause allergies but this depends on your sensitivity. In addition, the use of essential oils is recommended only if constipation has not lasted long. If you are constipated for a long time, the use of essential oils is not suitable for, but you should get more formal medical help.