Essential Oils for Earache and Ear Infections

9 Essential Oils for Earache and Ear Infections

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The best essential oils for earache is very much, you can use one that suits you best. The use of essential oils is the right way to treat coconut pain because it contains a variety of active ingredients such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, and soothing.

Ear pain can occur only because of simple problems such as confined water in the ear hole, grinding of teeth at night, ingress of objects into the ear. In addition, you are also the cause of more serious ear pain such as sinus infections, tonsillitis, chronic ear infections, and much more. Essential oil for earache can provide early treatment for your ears. You can choose one of the oils in our list.

Ear pain or ear infections are common in children, but there are also those in adults at some point. Infection in children often occurs due to the entry of various objects into the ear or because of problems in the eardrum. These infections provide tremendous pain so the children cry all night. Some of the symptoms you can mark are musing, impassioned child hearing, constant sensations, nausea. Indeed this is not so dangerous, but if not treated early can be dangerous to overall health. So, the use of essential oils for earache is the best alternative for those with ear infections. Here are some essential oils that really help the ear problem.

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List of Essential Oils for Earache

To treat earache there are many essential oils that you can use. Among them are rosemary, basil, tea tree, oregano, thyme, olive, garlic, peppermint, and lavender oil.

1. Lavender Oil

This is a powerful oil that is efficacious to soothe and heal earaches immediately. Lavender oil quickly prevent infection and provide comfort for those who have infection in the ear lobe. This includes one of the most powerful essential oils to treat earache and has received approval from a medical expert.

How to use it – a few drops of lavender oil mixed with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, rub gently on the outside of the ear. Do not put this oil into your ear because it can worsen your health.

2. Mustard Oil

Mustard is an essential oil containing antibacterial, but many ignore it. This oil is good to overcome ear inflammation, in mustard contain anti inflammatory and antioxidant. So, mustard oil is one of the best essential oils for earache.

How to use: Combine a few drops of mustard oil with a glass of warm water. Then insert or pour a little into the ear hole. Leave it for 30-160 seconds before you remove it. However, if earache is a result of ear rupture, you are diligent in using this home remedy.

3. Oregano Oil

Furthermore, the essential oils for earache is oregano. It contains antioxidants and active ingredients that work to clear clogged ears and infections and reduce pain.

How to use it is to rub a few drops of oregano oil that has been dissolved with carrier oils such as olive oil and almond oil. Rub it outside the ear hole because it is dangerous if inserted into the ear lobe.

4. Garlic Oil

Garlic rich in Allicin that makes it a special herb in the world of medicine. Pure garlic oil high in allicin which can reduce inflammation of the ear thanks to the presence of antioxidants. It is anti-bacterial so it is good to overcome the infection in the ear.

How to use it is very easily, combine garlic oil with carrier oils like olive oil, and topically apply on the outer ear. Garlic oil can be irritating, then use it after you dissolve it with carrier oil (olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil etc).

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5. Peppermint Oil

The essential oil of peppermint is powerful to overcome inflammation so it is ideal for healing earache. This is also allowed to be used in children but must be careful. Another thing to note is to dissolve this oil with olive oil or other carrier oil.

How to use it is with interfere with 5 drops of peppermint oil with jojoba oil or olive oil. Then gently rub on the outside of the ear. Let stand some time to get a good absorption.

6. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is good for dealing with ear pain caused by fluid buildup inside the ear. The tree oil can dry the wet conditions inside the ear hole. In addition to drying, tea tree oil also contains anti-bacterial and anti-virus is good for healing earache.

How to use it very easily, add 3 drops of tea tree oil into 1 tablespoon olive oil. Heat briefly until well mixed. Next, drop this oil into the ear hole (5 drops), let stand about 10 minutes.

7. Basil Essential Oil

Furthermore, the essential oils for earache is basil oil. It contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. So, use a little bit of good basil oil to stop earache in a short time, but be careful in using it.

How to use it is very easy, grab a cotton ball and soak it half into the oil, use this cotton ball on the sore area (behind the ears). Use gauze to hold it, aromatic compounds from basil oil are very effective at providing relief.

8. Thyme Oil

Thyme is effective in overcoming inflammation. The active ingredient called thymol is a powerful antiperspirant and analgesic, which is good for curing ear infections. Using this oil will immediately eliminate discomfort in your ears.

How to use it is with meddle a few drops of thyme oil with lavender oil or olive oil. Then this mixture is used for rubbing behind the ear. Note: Do not use this mixture into the ear hole as it may aggravate the condition.

Caution and Warning!

Essential oil for earache is very effective, but pay attention to your problem. Some ear pain is a serious infection such as Bell’s palsy or Menieres. It is must be handled by a specialist.

If you use essential oils on earache and do not see the cure, call your doctor immediately for a certainty.