Health Benefits of Baobab Fruit

Top 11 Health Benefits of Baobab Fruit

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Health Benefits of Baobab Fruit – Baobab is a native fruit of Africa and Australia. It belongs to one of 9 species in the genus Adansonia. Baobab that produces fruit famous with Adonsonia digtata name. Baobab fruit not only be consumed for the local population but also has been exported to the worldwide. The fruit of this large trunked plant is usually made as flour.

Baobab fruit is very large, usually ranges from 20-25 cm with the weight of the fruit reaches 1.5 kg. In general, the size can be as small as a small coconut or as big as a giant mango. The inside of the fruit, around the seeds rich in flour. This powder is then taken and packaged for export throughout the world. The powder is used as a natural bleach or as juice, energy bars and as other foods material. Baobab fruit contains high pectin, it taste like a pear (sharp). This fruit also often made as ingredient in soup and sauce and pudding.

Baobab Nutritional Value

The baobab fruit is also famous for the name “super fruit” just like apples. Because baobab is considered extraordinary, the natives of Africa call it by the name “tree of life”. The main reason they call by that name is thanks to the high pectin content in it. Its size is 6x the amount of pectin in blueberries, and 5 times the amount of pectin in Acai berry.

In addition to rich pectin, baobab also rich in vitamin C. The amount is 6 times higher than the orange, also contains potassium which is 6 times higher than the potassium in bananas. Baobab also contains more magnesium than the coconut water and more calcium up to 2x compared to milk. High amounts of nutrients make baobab plants in call as a plant of life.

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Benefits of Baobab Fruit for Health and Beauty

1. Improve Immunity

Baobab fruit contains minerals and antioxidants in high amount, and this is very important for the body to perform its functions properly. Eating a high antioxidant fruit can reduce reactive C protein. Health benefits is to accelerate the healing of various diseases. Thus, African indigenous people use baobab as a home remedy to treat Malaria and Fever since the past.

2. Boost Energy Level

As a fruit rich in calories and sugar, baobab is ideally consumed after exercise and workout. This character makes many food and beverage companies use baobab as material in making energy drinks, and energy bars. In addition, high magnesium content is good for reducing muscle fatigue. This rich benefits fruit has been consumed by natives of Africa since ancient times.

The Health Benefits of Baobab Fruit


3. Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

The health benefits of baobab fruit are able to control blood sugar level. Baobab contains fructose, low glycemic index and rich in polyphenic. This is useful for reducing the absorption of sugar into the blood. While the content of soluble fiber is useful to limit the absorption of sugar to the intestine. Thus, the benefits of baobab effectively maintain and control the sugar in the body.

4. Anti Cancer

Furthermore, the health benefits of baobab fruit is as an anti-cancer food. Antioxidants become a material to fight the development of cancer cells. In addition, this native African fruit to prevent the occurrence of inflammation that also has a share in the formation of cancer.

5. Maintain the Health of Digestive System

In addition to soluble fiber, the baobab is also high in insoluble fiber that will enter into intestines and become feces and increase its volume, eventually preventing constipation. While soluble fiber is beneficial to promote the development of good bacteria in the gut.

Baobab fruit among African people used as a healthy fruit to treat diarrhea, constipation and dysentery.

6. Healthy Cardiovascular System

Bad cholesterol (LDL) is the cause of inflammation of the blood vessel endothels. Inflammation of the blood vessels can cause atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Both are causes of high blood pressure and stroke. Thanks to soluble fiber, the benefits of baobab help to limit the absorption of bad cholesterol.

While antioxidants help heal inflammation in the blood vessels.

7. Prevents Alzheimer’s and Dementia

As I already mentioned before, baobab contains high antioxidants and the benefits are to get rid of free radicals. Another antioxidant benefit is delaying the aging process.

Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia are caused by aging in the brain. So, eating baobab fruit regularly can prevent premature aging which in turn prevents Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

8. Promotes Bones and Teeth Health

Furthermore, the benefits of baobab for health are promoting healthy bones and teeth. This fruit is rich in calcium and phosphorus which is very important for bone health and maintaining healthy tooth enamel. So, eating baobab fruit regularly is good for preventing osteoporosis.

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9. Improves Your Sleep

Consuming Baobab can improve the quality of your sleep. This fruit contains vitamin B which acts as tryptophan. It is an amino acid to relax the brain and provide a restful sleep. The iron that is in the baobab is useful to prevent the legs restless and calms the muscles and nervous system.

10. Body Weight Controls

Benefits of baobab for health is also powerful to lose weight. This is thanks to the amount of fiber that can reduce the appetite. In addition, the benefits of fiber is to limit the absorption of sugar so it is good to prevent excessive weight. If weight can be lowered at normal limits then the various diseases caused by obesity can be prevented. Among these diseases are high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, sleep disturbances to hormonal disorders.

11. Delays Aging Process

Baobab fruit contains high vitamin C which is useful to produce collagen. It is an important compound in skin tissue. If the body produces high collagen then one can look youthful. Consume baobab regularly can mange and remove skin wrinkles.

The Baobab Tree Facts

The baobab tree has lived for thousands of years. It can grow to a height of up to 30 meters. While the trunk diameter ranges from 7 to 11 meters. The baobab tree which is famous for its stem is the Sun-land baobab tree located in South Africa, its trunk diameter reaches 32 meters.

Sunland baobab tree is estimated to have lived since 6000 years ago. This age is almost equivalent to the age of ancient Egyptian civilization. May be due to his life is very long, this tree called as “Tree of Life”. The fruit is very healthy with a variety of nutrients in it in high quantities.