Health Benefits Of Raspberries

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Raspberries

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Raspberries fruit not only tasty and delicious but rich in benefits. Health Benefits Of Raspberries can not be separated from the content of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and has a high concentration of ellagic acid. It also contains phenolic compounds whose properties are extraordinary. This is to stop the growth of cancer cells and fight it.

The red fruit also contains oils known as raspberries oil. This is useful for protecting the body from sun exposure. Another benefit is to lose weight, against premature aging. Its benefits to boost the immune system is effective to maintain the health of the disease as a whole. So, it is very important to enter this rich fruit of the benefits into the daily diet, we can consume this fruit directly, put it into a specific recipe, or make juice. All of them can supply nutrients to the body.

It is sweet and sharp, if consumed directly, it is easy to melt in your mouth as sweet and soft texture such as ice cream. The colors are present in various variations, some are black, purple, pink, yellow, white and orange. Raspberries has two models namely oganberries and boysenberries.

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Raspberries are rich in antioxidant polyphenols such as anthocyanins that are important for the health of the body. In addition to antioxidants, berries are also rich in fiber and include one of the recommended foods to get fiber sufficiency. The fiber content is very much, this is 20% of the weight of the fruit.

In addition to the nutrients we have mentioned above, raspberries contain many other nutrients such as vitamin C, manganese, fiber, vitamin B, copper, folic acid, and iron. Raspberries include fruit with the highest concentrations of antioxidants among other fruits. This is thanks to many containing ellagic acid, anthocyanin, quercetin, gallic acid, catechins, cyanidin, pelargonidin, salicylic acid, and kaempferol. The high content of antioxidants in raspberries suggests that the benefits are immense to fight cancer.

The Health Benefits Of Raspberries

Health Benefits of Raspberries

Among the benefits of raspberries that very prominent is to boost immunity, maintain skin health, and lose weight. Here we see one by one benefit.

  1. Lose weight

This is thanks to the abundance of fiber and manganese content in raspberries. The benefits of fiber is to slow down the digestive process so as to keep you full and have no appetite. While the presence of manganese is useful to speed up the body’s metabolism so that it can burn body fat. If you want to lose weight, raspberries can help you. Put this fruit in your daily diet.

  1. Reduce wrinkles due to aging

One of the health benefits of raspberries is removal of wrinkles, it works magically to keep the skin from harmful sun (UV). The content of vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant is useful to prevent the appearance of aging spots on the skin. In addition to consume, you can also use raspberry as a face mask. Mix 2 cups fresh raspberries with 1 cup plain yogurt. Blend the material until smooth and apply on face, let stand for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

  1. Prevent Macular Degeneration

Consuming raspberry is also very good for the health of macular degeneration. This is the macular damage that affects one’s vision. Macular damage causes permanent loss of vision because of retinal deterioration.

  1. Prevent cancer and infection

Raspberries are a fruit rich in antioxidants and contain ellagic acid. This substance is effective to stop the damage caused by free radicals. It is a phytonutrient component of raspberries composed of quercetin, kaempferol, and cyanidin-3-gl ucosyl-routoside. These substances are then solved again into anthocyanins that are responsible for antioxidants and antimicrobials.

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Recent research has shown that this antioxidant-rich fruit has a shielding properties against cancer. This suggests that raspeberry has the potential to inhibit cancer and tumors, including tumors in the colon.

  1. Promote Optimal Health

Furthermore, the health benefits of raspberries are promoting health optimally. Raspberries contain metalloproteinase enzymes, as those of balckberries, and muscadine grapes. This enzyme is useful to repair tissue damage, but if this enzyme is excessive, it will trigger the development of cancer cells. Raspberry fruit contains lots of vitamin C, manganese, folate, magnesium, niacin, copper and potassium. All these nutrients help to provide extraordinary benefits to health.

  1. Strengthen Immune System

Raspberries are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, both play an important role in boosting immunity and helping fight off the disease that attacks the body.

  1. High Nutritional Value

The health benefits of raspberry is derived from the high nutritional value in it. Among its nutritional value are B vitamins, and antioxidants such as manganese and vitamin C. Both are important sources of antioxidants to protect the body.

In addition to this, raspberries also contain niacin, riboflavin, magnesium, folate, potassium, and copper.