Drink To Lose Weight

How Much Water Should You Drink To Lose Weight

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Drink To Lose Weight – Are you losing weight? How many ways have you tried, maybe you need to try this simple way. Restricting food alone is not enough, but water is one component in accelerating your weight loss. Water is a filling element and can burn many calories.

Indeed, there is no maximum limit on how much water you should drink to lose weight. But if you drink 2 glasses of water before eating, this is very helpful for you in losing weight. Try consulting with your doctor about your diet method so that the maximum results.

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How Much Water Should You Drink To Lose Weight

You have to believe that drinking water can lose you weight. Consuming water alone without making other changes to the diet can also lose weight. Obese people if they consume 2 glasses of water before meals for 12 weeks can lose 2 pound body weight. Of course this will be more effective when followed with a slight change in diet.

If you follow a weight loss diet, plus drinking 2 glasses of water each want to eat, then your potential success will be greater. So, do not ignore drinking plenty of water before eating. This will force you to limit your food intake so you lose the opportunity to accumulate fat in the body.

How water can help you lose weight

Ok, maybe you need to know how this process happens so you are absolutely confident with the ability of water to lose weight. Water loses weight in two ways. First, the water makes you satisfied so you eat less. A study on obesity in 2010 reported that people who drank water before meals could reduce their caloric intake to 225 calories.

Second, water also helps increase the body’s metabolism so the body burn faster calories. Drinking a glass of water for a serving of food can increase your metabolism up to 30% for 40 minutes. This increased metabolism is caused by a body that works to warm water from 72 degrees Fahrenheit to 98.6 F.

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How Much Water Do You Need?

In general, drinking 2 glasses of water before eating can be your reference to start. But not everything should be like this, because it depends also on several factors. Among you are age, how active are you, your gender, your body temperature, type of food, and medical condition.

Generally, you need 4 cups of water to weigh 50 pounds, according to the Clemson Cooperative Extension. That is, people who weigh 175 pounds, it takes 14 glasses of water.

For maximum results, talk to your doctor about the water requirements for your diet, and for general body needs. Water is a very important ingredient for the body in becoming well-channeled nutrients, preventing dehydration, strengthening muscles, keeping skin moist and aiding the digestive process better.

You May Add Flavor To Make You Drink More

If you do not like to drink pure water, try to add a little flavor like herbs, vegetables or fruit. Create and prepare your own SPA water in a kettle. You can also add sliced ​​cucumber, mint, orange, strawberry, or lemon.

However, you should note that drinking water diet that you add flavor is not the same benefits with drinking pure water. For that also consider the benefits, if you are able to drink water should not be mixed with various flavors.