How To Eat Guava

How To Eat Guava | Follow 5 Simple Ways

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Guava is a fruit of native Central America and South America. Guava is famous as fresh and crunchy fruit. Tropical fruit is very enjoyable to enjoy directly or in the juice and various other foods. Knowing how to eat guava is still a lot that many in the search and want to know a lot of people. because in a certain way, guava can give a great taste. The fruit comes from Central America, Mexico has a length of 2-5 cm. Guava has several varieties and is commonly known as two types namely red guava and white guava. Guava flavor also varies between acid and sweet.

Because guava fruit has many types and varieties, so many people find it difficult to differentiate and choose a good guava. Here we see how to choose the right guava and how to enjoy it.

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How to Choose Right Guava

OK, before you start putting the guava into your diet or make guava juice or before knowing how to eat guava, you must know first how to choose the right guava. Either pick guava from the tree or in the fruit shop. Some important things to note are the size, softness, color and smell.

Watch the color – The newly developed guava has a dark green, then the color turns to a light green. When ready for the harvest the color turns yellow or pink. At this time, you can pick guava from the tree.

Note the smell – Guava that already ripe will have a stronger and niticeable odor. At this time you can smell the guava without needing to close it to the nose. The aroma will be more sharp and difficult to forget.

Watch the texture – When the guava is still in development stage, the texture is strong and tight. But when the guava have ripen, then the texture will be soft as a ripe avocado. In addition, you can gently press on the guava surface to see if it is mature or not. If it feels soft, the guava is ready to harvest from the tree.

How To Eat Guava

Well, once you know how to choose guava that has been ripen. Now it’s time you know how to eat guava rightly. Ways to eat will affect the pleasure, then note the following steps.

Washing and Cutting Guava

After you select the guava that has been matured as the above tutorial. You now need to know how to eat guava. So, follow the steps below, easy and simple ways.

Step 1

Wash clean guava on running water, most people consume guava with their rind, then make sure the rind is clean and no pesticides or bacteria.

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Step 2

Pat your guava to dry, you do this if you’ve kept it in the refrigerator for some days.

Step 3

You can remove the inside of guava, but some people choose to chew the seeds. But some types of guava have a large seed so it is impossible to chewing it, you have to remove it.

Step 4

Slice guava in the form of thin slices, this way is very popular done to keep skin intact

Step 5

The guava wedge was put into sweet soy sauce, sprinkle it with salt too. Feel the sensation and enjoyment.

Guava Fruit Recipe Ideas

Guava can be enjoyed in various ways. In addition to the above, you can slice a guava with a thin form and put into a variety of cakes. Another way that many people try is making juice. But you have to choose the guava that is ripe for more delicious. If you are a fruit lover, you can cut the guava dice after removing the seeds, and mix it with some other fruit, enjoy it as a salad.

Among parents, guava jello is very popular, or you can sauté a guava to make warm caramel syrup, usually a topping for waffles and pancakes. If you want to pack in a can, you can make guava jam in a simple way. So, learning how to eat guava in the latest way is fun.