How To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seeds

How To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seeds

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How To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seeds – This time will provide agricultural science that involves how to grow lemon from the seeds. You do not have to worry about where you live, because this lemon can grow anywhere. Why lemon need for planting, because the benefits of lemon for health is large, it also includes alkaline-forming food on this earth. So, the benefits of lemon is powerful and able to get rid of acid levels in the body.

Lemon is the fruit that crosses between lime and citron. The lemon plant was first introduced by Arabs to Europeans. Christopher Columbus was the man who brought the lemon into a new world while traveling across the world in the 15th century. Then, a few centuries later, the lemon in became a routine food for miners in California, it aims to protect the body from scurvy, vitamin C.

Vitamin C is an important substance for the immune and lemon is the largest provider. Not only vitamin C can be found in lemon but also many other substances such as potassium, copper, folate, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, iron, magnesium, fiber, vitamin B6, calcium, and thiamin.

Health Benefits of Eating Lemon Regularly

Before we see how to grow a lemon tree from seeds, let us see before the health benefits of consume lemon regularly. It aims to boost your spirit of growing lemons in the yard or in pots.

  • Boost immunity
  • Maintain body pH balance, by reducing and limiting overall acid and reducing pain and swelling.
  • Lowering the risk of cancer, research proves that citrus fruits, including lemons, contain many compounds of limonoids, which fight cancer of the mouth, lungs, skin, breasts, stomach and fight colon cancer.
  • Increases mood, reduces anxiety, and depression.
  • Prevent rheumatoid arthritis disease
  • Maintain liver health
  • Boost the health of digestion
  • Helps diet lose weight

Consuming lemons is not like eating mango or sentol, you do not need to consume multiple lemon in a day, but simply by drinking lemon juice to get the benefits. A glass of lemon juice in the morning can provide benefits to the body, keep the body hydrated and gives the variety of your drinks.

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Drinking lemon juice mixed with warm water can provide health and beauty benefits for you. Lose weight, tighten the skin and keep it shining, and get a lot of vitamin C supplies that are needed by the body.

Well, because the benefits of lemon is huge, and to get it must be done with consular on a regular basis, then the alternative is you have to plant it at home. Lemons can grow in areas with warm climates throughout the year, can also grow inside the house with a cool air. Usually, how to grow a lemon tree quickly is by rooting cuttings. But it is not easy to find lemon trees in many regions of the world. So, growing and planting lemons from seeds is a great alternative. You can watch its growth and when it is high, you can enjoy the results and fruits by yourself and this is very beautiful.

How to Start To Grow A Lemon Tree, What You Need

1. Organic Lemon

If your place is limited, you can plant lemon in pots in your home room. For this option, Meyer’s lemon is the best choice as it can be grown in containers and rooms. If not, you can try organic lemon of various kinds. Using non organic lemon is a bad choice, it often can not germinate, it’s just a waste of your time.

2. Potting soil

Use good planting media such as peat soil, perlite, organic fertilizer, and vermiculite. Make your ground has a shaft so easy to flow water. If the soil feels solid, you can add rice husks or wood saws to increase the amount of air space.

3. Prepare a container

You can use a small container for the initial stage, it’s will help you keep the soil moisture compared to using a pot/large container. It is recommended that you use a container with a diameter of 8 cm, if the lemon tree is 1 or 2 years old, you can boil it into a 10-12 cm diameter container. If the growth is very good, maybe you have to upgrade to a larger container. Do not forget to make a good drainage hole for water to get out of the container. You can choose pots from wood, plastic, and Terra cotta.

4. Lighting

Lemon plants to grow well need enough light. Can be sunlight or artificial light. Lemon takes 10 to 14 hours a day for growth. So, place this plant in a place that has full light. If there is no sunlight, you can replace it with artificial light, and can use a 40 watt lamp (you can buy it on amazon). It’s not expensive, and it will all pay off when your tree is fruitful in the future.

5. Moisture

Humidity is very important, so always note the soil you use to keep it moist. This is very important, especially if you plant it indoors because it is often dry. Flush with water once every two or three days.

Sprouting Your Lemon Seeds

If everything is ready, now it’s time you start planting lemon seeds

First, before planting in soil or container containing soil we need to make the seeds germinate.

Dry the seeds to dry, then wet the tissue or cotton, put into a transparent container. Place the lemon seeds over a damp wipes or cotton. Next, place also wet wipes on top of the seed.

The next stage, cover the container with plastic, it is useful to keep the air warm and moist, then the seeds will germinate.

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Wait a few days to two weeks, if the lemon seed has germinated, you can move it into a container containing soil or pot. Once the seeds are in the soil, you must keep the soil moisture for the growth process and keep the sun still sufficient.