How To Store Cucumbers

How To Store Cucumbers Correctly, Here are 4 Steps

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How to store cucumbers is very important in note, because this is a vegetable that is not always available. He is only available in the planting season. As a crisp and fresh salad, we always want to make salad with cucumber, let alone in summer. Thus, the availability of fresh cucumbers is very important. So we make this article to give tips to save cucumbers to keep fresh and can be utilized in a long time.

This storage technique does not make fresh cucumbers in months, but can keep it for a week or more. Let’s follow how to store cucumbers.

1. Clean Those Cukes

Clean the cucumber from a variety of things that make it dirty, or your cucumber has damage from decay pests or other things. Cut the rotted parts, and rinse cleanly with running water.

If you come home from the garden to harvest cucumbers, clean the cucumber from the dirt to be ready for a week or longer.

2. Keep Your Cucumber Dry

Well, if you have rinsed with water, dry with gauze or towel until cucumber is no longer wet. To save the cucumber, make them dry first. When the surface of the cucumber wet, it will accelerate the process of decay.

Once dried, wrap the cucumber with a towel or paper, this is useful for keeping moisture while storing, preventing damage and decay. Tips and how to save this cucumber can also apply to store other vegetables such as asparagus, lady’s finger and others in your refrigerator.

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3. Insert Into the Plastic

Cucumbers that have been wrapped, inserted into the plastic. Airflow on the plastic bag. It is intended that the cucumber that has been wrapped does not evaporate or condense. So, open a little piece of plastic.

Using plastics in the storage of cucumbers in the fridge is important to protect them from ethylene gas. This is the gas produced by other fruits like melons that are sometimes in your refrigerator. Cucumber is sensitive to decay, maturation that occurs due to exposure to gas earlier. So, pay attention and check the fruits in the refrigerator containing ethylene gas, and separate the cucumber or cukes.

4. Keep Your Cucumber Cold

The next step on how to store cucumbers is to keep it cool. But remember! do not be too cold. Store your cucumber in the refrigerator but not on the coldest part (freezer).

That’s how to keep cucumbers with simple. Now you can get a crisp cucumber for a week, you can make salad as you like, make vegetable food, make soup, even cocktails for a week. If you take a cucumber and cut it in half (because you only need a half), close it back into the plastic and tie the cut off cucumber tip.

That’s how to keep the cucumber properly. You need not be afraid of spoilage, slippery skin and other problems with your cucumber.

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