Is Lipton Tea Good For You

Is Lipton Tea Good For You, See Its Health Benefits

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If anyone asks, is Lipton tea good for you? The answer is “sure its good” because this tea provides many health benefits. Lipton tea is a tea brand under Unilever, and proven its quality by producing for more than 100 years. Lipton tea provides many health benefits when consumed continuously. Drinking tea, especially Lipton can provide freshness, refresh the mind, even can prevent various dangerous diseases.

Before we see the goodness of the Lipton tea in its list of health benefits, let’s take a look about this world’s famous tea history.

History of Lipton Tea that You Do Not Know Yet

Lipton tea is one of the famous brands in the world of drinks, it turns out its history is very long. The name of the brand “Lipton” is derived from the name of its inventor “Sir Thomas Lipton” he is a Scottish nationality and born in 1850. Small Lipton is a child who likes to trade and do business, originally he worked as a seller in the grocery store when traveling to America, when he was only 15 years old. Then, after much experience from this overseas, he returned to his home country of Scotland and open his own business, a grocery store, this is in 1871 M.

Then, business travel continued to grow and in 1889 he began selling tea. The beginning of this business made him visit to New Zealand and bought his own tea garden there. He does not want to be a tea seller with raw materials from a third party, but he wants to manage his own plantations in good quality. The first tea sales were given the “Lipton” brand and then the business continued to grow until later exported to Japan. Today, tea products with Lipton brands are well known all over the world even available in a variety of teas.

Well, that’s a little history of the emergence of the famous Lipton Tea as one of the teas that provides many health benefits. Here we see why Lipton tea is good for you? Of course we pack in a series of health benefits of Lipton tea.

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Health Benefits of Lipton Tea

Tea is a popular drink worldwide as well as coffee. There are many types of teas that are growing with their respective popularity. One of the teas that successfully captivate the lovers of tea in the world is Lipton tea, not only delicious on the tongue but also able to provide health benefits. Here we see one by one efficacy and benefits.

1. Good for digestion

Drinking tea is beneficial for improving digestion. Research reveals that tea serves to increase the body’s metabolism so as to improve overall health. Not only that, Lipton tea stimulates the formation of good bacteria that are beneficial to maintain healthy digestive tract and prevent constipation and other disorders.

2. Helps you lose weight

Lipton tea is also great for helping those who are on a diet lose weight. The tea, especially green tea variants are able to increase the body’s metabolism to increase body fat burning, It is provides optimal energy for the body and helps in lose weight. Consuming Lipton tea is good when the stomach is empty in the morning, and do not add too much sugar.

3. Good for preventing cancer

One of the benefits of Lipton tea is to prevent cancer cells. This is thanks to the high antioxidants and flavonoids in tea. Both of these compounds are able to resist the adverse effects of free radicals that cause DNA damage and abnormal cell growth that later develops into cancer.

Cancer is a dangerous disease that there is no proper medicine to fight it. So, it is very important for us to prevent it before it comes. The presence of high antioxidant in Lipton tea is great for preventing cancer.

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4. Good for heart health

The heart is an important organ in the body that is useful for pumping blood and send it throughout the body. Without the heart, the body stops working. Various diseases often attack the heart and one of them is bad cholesterol. Consume regular Lipton tea can lower bad cholesterol and prevent heart problems or cardiovascular disease, because this tea contains antioxidants in the form of polyphenols.

Not only that, lipton tea also contains compounds “Epigallocatechin gallate” which serves to keep heart function remains normal. The best time to consume lipton tea is when you start your morning morning.

5. Overcoming anemia

Anemia is a disease of blood deficiency that can be harmful to the body. In fact, under certain conditions anemia can cause fainting and death. Lipton tea comes with a certain amount of iron as the builder of red blood cells for the body.

6. Strengthens bones

The next reason why a Lipton tea good for you is because it is able to strengthen bones. Research reveals that tea is able to strengthen bones of elderly women, including Lipton tea. This is compared to those who do not consume tea. To get this benefit of course you have to do with routine, but not excessive because everything that is excessive is not good for health.

7. Lipton Tea prevents cold

To prevent cold due to influenza virus, you can try Lipton tea that is brewed with warm water. In addition to killing the virus, this tea also provides warmth for the body. Chalking a glass of tea with lemon is the best choice for a cold treat.

8. Good to prevent tooth caries

Lipton tea is not only useful for organs in the body but also able to treat health problems from the outside such as dental caries. This is thanks to the flavonoid and EGCG compounds in it, both of these play a role in killing tooth bacteria. So, drinking Lipton tea regularly can prevent bacterial growth and plaque formation in teeth.

9. Preventing diabetes

Diabetes is a harmful disease that lowers immunity. If the disease is not treated then various diseases easily attacked. One way to prevent this disease is diligently consume Lipton tea in moderation, and do not add too much sugar because this can trigger blood sugar disease. Active compounds in tea can improve insulin performance so as to prevent diabetes.

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10. Increase your memory

Did you know, why Lipton tea is good for you? It is said that this tea can increase your memory. Research reports that drinking tea can help improve concentration and trigger your brain’s performance. Try drinking a cup of warm tea in the morning. If you can, subtract using sugar.