Random Bruising On Legs

Random Bruising On Legs, How to Treat!

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Random bruising on legs or on other parts of the body are very disturbing for some people. These bruises cause skin discoloration and invite mistrust for a person. Some people unknowingly find random bruises on their thighs and legs, and this leaves a vile blue or black color in view.

Bruises that appear for no apparent reason in the legs can occur for several reasons. Among them are due to lack of vitamins, too long exposed to the sun, aging, broken of small blood vessels in the skin surface. These factors can cause random bruises on the feet or other parts of the body.

In addition to the above factors, bruises that appear for no apparent reason are symptoms and signs for serious illness. Among them are diabetes, clotting disorders, or autoimmune diseases.

In this article you will find out what is a random bruise on legs are or at other places of the body. Its will also explain how to treat it or how to get rid of bruising legs naturally. OK, let’s look at the causes of bruising and its meaning.

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Knowing What is Bruising

Usually bruising is a result of minor injury or trauma that occurs. Bruising for no apparent reason is very rare happen. Dr. John Cunha explains that the bruises were caused by damage or rupture of small vessels close to skin surface. Well, when broken blood vessels, blood gathered under the skin surface. It is causes the appearance of black or blue color which then turns yellow when it will heal.

He said, bruises take a long time, at least 2 weeks to get rid of completely. A person may not feel or do not know that he is knocked or hit by an object that causes small vessels beneath the surface of his skin to break.

The Causes of Random Bruising on Legs or Other Body Parts

The cause of a disease is very important because it is related to its treatment. If you already know the cause, it is easy to treat it. You will also know whether need a doctor or enough treat with a natural remedies from home. Below are some causes of random bruises on the feet.

1. Aging Factor

One reason is age. An elderly person is more prone to bruising. Doctors from Mayo Clinic say that an elderly person experiences a decrease in the amount of fat under the skin (skin protector becomes thin) so that the bruises easily when exposed to something or impact objects. So, elderly people are more likely to have random bruising either on legs or on other body parts.

2. Vitamin Deficiency

Furthermore, the cause of random bruising in the body is vitamin deficiency. For example, vitamin C deficiency causes scabies and bruises and bleeding for no apparent reason. In addition, vitamin K deficiency, it is can also cause random bruising. Vitamin K is useful to help blood clots properly and correctly so that no random bruising occurs.

About the role of vitamin C, in the journal “American Academy of Dermatology,” explained that ascorbate acid in vitamin C is useful to strengthen blood vessels so it is not easy to break. In addition, vitamin C supplements are used to prevent random bruising that occurs for no apparent reason.

3. Hereditary Conditions

Random bruising on legs and thighs or other places sometimes occur due to hereditary factors. A person who has a history of random bruising from his parents, is very likely to be passed on to his children.

Women are said to have weaker and more vulnerable blood vessels so they are more prone to bruising. This random bruise often occurs in her legs, thighs, or on the buttocks. Dr. William Blahd of WebMD says that this problem does not need to be feared if you have no other symptoms.

4. Bleeding Disorders

Bleeding disorders experienced by a person is also a strong reason for random bruising, usually in a larger shape. Among these are hemophilia disease, it affects the ability of the blood to clot resulting in bruising and bleeding.
However, the presence of unexplained bruises is not necessarily a symptom of hemophilia. This disease has other symptoms such as nosebleeds that occur without cause. When it occurs in women, they usually go through a period of menstruation with very difficult and painful.

5. Medicines or Supplements Side Effects

Not all drugs and supplements cause random bruises on the legs or thighs, but there are several types of drugs and supplements that can be the causes. For example is blood-thinning medication, if you consume it then just a touch, bruises will appear as if without cause.

Other drugs that can cause sudden bruising are aspirin, some types of antibiotics, and anticoagulant medications. These drugs – described by a doctor from Mayo Clinic – affect blood clotting levels, so make it easy to bruise.

6. Too much exposure to the sun

Basking in the sun needs to help the body produce vitamin D. But you should pay attention to the time and duration. The nice sunbathing is in the morning and about 1 hour. If too long exposed to sunlight and at the wrong time, then the random bruises can appear suddenly. This is due to skin damage from too long exposed to ultraviolet.

Drugs.com site informs that too long exposed to the sun (UV) can cause skin bruise in the open area. So, if you find bruises and bleeding under the skin after a long time exposed to UV rays, you can contact your doctor to get the correct treatment advice.

However, if there are burn marks such as soft, blisters, pain, you can use natural remedies from herbal plants such as Aloe Vera gel, Honey, or using oatmeal.

7. Diabetes

Furthermore, the cause of random bruises on the legs is diabetes. If you have diabetes, you must be very bruised and take a long time to heal. If you find bruises for no apparent reason, you have to notice if you have a diabetes or not. Diabetes is characterized by increased frequency of thirst and urination, nausea, weight loss, and weakness. Diabetics can cause peripheral vascular disease and usually affect the feet.

So, the appearance of bruises on your feet is not clearly a sign that you have diabetes. It is a dangerous disease, if you suffer, you have to manage it well.

8. Viral infection

Infections caused by viruses can also cause random bruising on legs, and occur without being noticed. Viral infections sometimes cause blood clots to become hard to clot, this is called thrombocytopenia.

Dr. Neha Pathak on WebMD, says that some viral infections causes a bruising an unclear reason. Among them are chickenpox, rubella, mumps, HIV, leukemia, these condition affect the clotting of red blood cells and make it easy to cause random bruising.

9. Autoimmune disease

Autoimmune disease can be one reason for bruising without cause. This is a condition in which the body produces antibodies and attacks its own tissues, not against infectious diseases.

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Some autoimmune diseases that cause bruising are:

Lupus: The American Academy of Family Physicians informs that random bruising can occur because a person has lupus
Rheumatoid arthritis: This disease includes an autoimmune disease that causes bruising. In addition, some medications to treat rheumatoid arthritis also tend to cause random bruising.

Vasculitis: It is a swollen blood vessel disease. Bruising is one of the symptoms. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood say that this disease can cause skin damage. The damage can be in the form of spots of red, purple, bruises or spots on the surface of the skin.

Natural Ways on How to Get Rid of Bruises

Treating random bruising on legs or other parts can be done in various ways. Many home remedies offer healing to inflammation, pain, and bruising quickly. Among these home remedies are used tea bags, Aloe Vera. These natural remedies are supported by scientific evidence as a remedies that cure the bruising.