Stiff Neck Remedies

Stiff Neck Remedies That You Have To Try

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Neck stiffness is one of the most common health problems. Are you one of them? Getting this problem is very difficult and disturb to activity even to move the neck. In this article we will share stiff neck remedies that work.

Stiff Neck is not only pain in the neck, sometimes also experience other symptoms such as headaches, discomfort in the arm or shoulder, neck pain, and unable to sleep due to pain that continues to torture.

Let’s take a closer look at the stiff neck

The pain in the neck can occur suddenly and sometimes also disappear so quickly. However, if this happens repeatedly and does not recover after a few days or occurs several times a month, it is said that this is a serious health problem that must be carefully monitored and cared for.

The Causes of Neck Stiff

  • Muscle injury
  • Bad posture
  • There was tension
  • Emphasis
  • Be in the same position for several hours
  • Sleep quality is not good
  • Forcing the neck to sustain weight
  • Weight training or weight lifting

Stiff Neck can also occur due to other conditions requiring special attention. Among the health conditions that can cause stiff neck are meningitis, and herniated discs. Both can cause stiffness in the neck.

Stiff Neck Remedies

Stiff neck can occur in medium or chronic level. In the last case you will surely feel tremendous pain even you can not move the neck without getting sick. Here are some forms of home remedies that you can do to soothe a stiff neck.

1. Massages

One way to treat a stiff neck is to massage it. Massage is the best medicine you can try. You can go to massage therapy or ask friends to massage the neck carefully. To maximize your massage you can use a few drops of essential oil, or use olive oil or almond oil. Before using this oil, warm it on a spoon (not to heat because it can damage the skin). This oil is good and useful to loosen muscles.

In addition to using almond and olive oil, you can also use lavender oil, rosemary oil and apply it in a circle to a rigid area. This oil works by relaxing the muscles and improving blood flow and reducing stiff neck quickly.

2. Heat

In addition to trying essential oils, using and applying heat to the neck is also the best medicine. You can take a shower with warm water and let your neck soak in warm water. In addition, you can wet the towel with boiling water and compress it on the neck.

If you have a special electric heater for massage, you can try it.

3. Apple cider vinegar

The benefits of apple vinegar are very large and one of them is the elimination of stiffness in the neck. Apple cider vinegar can reduce swelling, relieve muscle pain. You can wet a small towel with apple vinegar and put it on top of the neck.

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4. Bathing with epsom salts

This is a clever way of removing stiff necks. The epsom salts contain magnesium which is useful for improving blood flow and has the ability to relieve tension. Enter the warm water in the bath and add epsom salts to it, dissolve it with water and soak in it.

This method not only reduces stiff neck, but also can make your whole body becomes relaxed and comfortable.

5. Using Radish

Radish in cut to pieces is also useful to reduce the pain due to stiff neck. After cut, paste on the stiff neck. Let stand a few minutes and rinse with warm water. Slice of radish is soothing and refreshing.