Symptoms of Lupus in Men

Top 12 Symptoms of Lupus in Men and Women

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Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can happen to anyone. The symptoms of lupus in men may differ from one another. Some people have severe lupus, while others have moderate lupus. Different symptoms that a person feels is the result of the difference in one’s immune. Knowing some of the symptoms of lupus is very helpful to someone in his treatment. Here we share some common lupus symptoms.

Symptoms of Lupus in Men and Women

1. Low-Grade Fever

A common fever often makes a person less worried, as some will be lost. But make no mistake, low grade fever can be a symptom of lupus, but often people do not treat it because they do not know that it is a symptom of fever. So, if you find symptoms of irregular fever such as fever up and down, immediately check you to the doctor to know the certainty.

2. Experiencing fatigue

Fatigue is one of the mild symptoms of lupus. Many people do not realize it because they think it is just tired. Tired is a commonplace, and you can fight this fatigue by staying active. But if you often experience fatigue even without doing heavy duty, then do a formal examination to the doctor.

Likewise if you get tired that is difficult to resist. One’s fatigue can be different from each other because it depends on the health condition of each.

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3. Painful Joints

Pain in the joints is one of the causes of lupus in men. However, joint pain is not specific as a symptom of lupus but may also be a symptom of arthritis. Then you should be wary of pain in the joints. Lupus disease is a chronic inflammation (inflammation) caused by the immune system that attacks the cells, tissues, and organs of the body itself. Lupus can attack various parts and organs of the body such as skin, joints, kidneys, blood cells, lungs, heart, brain, and spinal cord.

4. Hair Loss

Then, the symptoms of lupus are hair loss. This loss occurs due to inflammation in the head skin. Hair loss can be known by the thinning of hair. Loss that is a sign of lupus in men and women not only occurs in the head but also occurs in all the body that has hair like beard, eyelashes, eyebrows and others.

Hair loss can indeed be treated, but in some cases, this loss can result in permanent baldness.

5. Butterfly-Shaped Rash

This is a common and easily recognizable lupus symptom. The rash can be directly understood that a person is suffering from lupus. This butterfly-shaped rash can appear in several parts of the body such as the nose, cheeks or occurs only when the sun’s rays sting you.

6. Dryness

In addition to some of the above symptoms, lupus can also be marked by dryness in some limbs. This drought occurs in the eyes, vagina, and mouth. When suffering from lupus, the gland does not function properly so it does not produce tears and saliva well.

7. Photo-sensitivity

Other symptoms of lupus in men are skin lashes due to sun exposure. This is because they have photo-sensitivity. In some cases, this problem can also occur due to exposure to artificial light.

8. Itchy Lesions

People with lupus not only have a butterfly-shaped rush but they also feel itchy on the body.

9. Raynaud’s Phenomenon

This is a phenomenon in people with lupus as well as a symptom of lupus in men and women. This phenomenon arises when you are attacked by flu or when you are stressed.

10. Pulmonary System Inflammation

The pulmonary system is one of the organs affected by lupus. Pulmonary organs experience inflammation, and consequently the lungs swell and blood vessels around it also experience swelling. This gives difficulty breathing for the patient, even in some cases diaphragm also experienced the same thing.

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11. Chest Pain

This is still related to the pulmonary problem. Due to inflammation of the lungs, you not only experience shortness of breath but also feel pain in the chest when breathing. The longer, the lung will shrink deeper, you should contact your doctor immediately to get medical treatment.

12. Shortness of Breath

Symptoms of lupus in men and women are also familiar with the occurrence of shortness of breath. Inflamed lungs are also swollen so that one is difficult to breathe. In this case there is also a pulmonary syndrome, a state where the lungs shrink.