Benefits for Violet Essential Oil

Uses and Benefits for Violet Essential Oil

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Benefits for Violet Essential Oil – This small and beautiful flower must have been very popular among many people. Gardeners even make this flower as one of the types of flowers that adorn the home garden. However, have you benefited? This charming violet flower turned out to provide many benefits for health, especially with regard to congestion and relieve pain and skin regrowth.

Violet is a flower that belongs to the family of violaceae, it has about 200 species. He is native to China, France, and Italy. But now violets have been cultivated around the world. The main benefit of violets is as raw material of fragrant oil and also used as food seasoning.

The Violet Essential Oil

The violet essential oil is one of the therapeutic oils that are now present in the bottle and stored on the shelves of essential oils. This essential oil is taken from the extraction of flowers dn violet leaves. But what is found in the market is violet oil extracted from violet leaves not from flowers. Oil derived from flowers is very difficult to find.

Making this essential oil is very difficult because of 1000 kg of leaves only get 1 kg of concrete residue. Pure oil extract from violet leaves is called “absolute violet leaf”. The price is very expensive, and usually sold in small sizes.

Based on the source of “Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless” violet essential oil contains a number of health benefits. This extraordinary benefit is thanks to analgesics, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, expectorant and diuretic.

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Uses and Benefits of Violet Essential Oil

1. Treating Inflammation

One of the benefits of violet oil is as a natural remedy to cure inflammation. Anti-inflammatory properties in violet oil provide many benefits, especially for treating inflammation, rheumatism and arthritis. How to use is also very simple that is by massaging the muscles and joints.

Violet oil is useful to stimulate blood smooth muscle. For use on the skin should be diluted with carrier oil to avoid irritation. So make sure you dissolve it with other oils like olive oil, coconut oil to avoid burning sensation.

2. Skin Care

The benefits of violet essential oil are also good for skin care. Leaves and violets are well known and popularly used as a skin remedy. So, this could be one of the cheapest natural treatments before you use modern medicine.
Violet essential oil is effective as a medicine for inflammation, joints and good for dry skin. Skin conditions such as acne and eczema can also be treated with violet oil. Using violet oil on the skin is considered safe, as long as you dissolve it first.

3. Headaches and Stress

Thanks to the soothing nature of violet oil, it can cure many health problems. Among them are headaches, soothing migraines, and others.

Violet essential oil can be an alternative natural remedy for headache problems. This drug does not make you the opiate as most of the other essentials.

4. Treating Colds and Sinuses

The violet essential oil is very powerful as a natural oil to treat respiratory problems like flu, sinus, and sore throat. Thanks to the expectorant content, you can spread violet oil on the bed and inhale its vapor to cleanse the lungs, jams and clogged phlegm.

Another way you can try is to add a few drops of violet essential oil into the hot water and inhale the steam by covering the head and neck using a towel. In addition to blowing you out of breathing problems can also clean the skin pores.

5. Treating Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that occurs due to mood swings. These symptoms are quite time-consuming and make us unable to work optimally during the day. Sometimes using some types of drugs do not cure you, try using violet essential oil.

Many reported that sprayed violet oil on the bed can provide comfort and soothing effects and unlike modern medicine.

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6. Perfume

The violet essential oil is often used as a perfume. For use as perfume, they prefer to choose oil from flowers compared to oil from the leaves. The use of leaves more tends to make oil, and the flower tends to perfume.

How to Use Violet Essential Oil

The use of violet oil just like any other oil, can be used for various purposes depending on its therapeutic benefits.

Treating sleep problems: can be inhaled, as well as for anxiety problems and cure congestion. Add a few drops on the handkerchief and inhale directly.

Treating respiration: If you have a diffuser machine, spread the oil in the room to soothe breathing problems, insomnia, and spread them in bed. If using without a diffuser machine, add a few drops of violet oil in a pot of hot water and breathe it up.

Reduce congestion: Another way to treat congestion is to make a steam bath and give a few drops of violet oil in prepared hot water. Headgear, shoulders, and neck with a thin towel. Then take a deep breath to clear the jam.
The natural benefits of violet essential oils can also be obtained by spreading a few drops into your bath. It’s good for relieving pain and healing inflammation.

If using on face, do not forget to melt it with carrier oil such as jojoba oil, olive oil or almond oil. Then apply on acne with cotton balls.