Wasabi Health Benefits

Top 11 Wasabi Health Benefits And Side Effects

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Wasabi Health Benefits – Wasabi is a root vegetable that has many health benefits. Scientists have investigated the benefits and they have found a positive effect on various dangerous diseases. Wasabi is mostly found in Japanese cuisine called Japanese horseradish. Strong aroma makes many people can not stand this dish. That is why many are served in pasta form to be enjoyed along with sushi and sashimi.

The benefits of wasabi are very much for health as well as high nutritional value in it. Here we see the facts of wasabi nutrition.

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11 Wasabi Health Benefits

1. Improve body immunity

One of the vitamins that play a role in improving body immunity is vitamin C. Wasabi is a vegetable that is high in vitamin C, you are only suggested to consume one teaspoon per day to get a good supply of vitamins. Our body can not produce vitamin C it self, then we need to consume many foods rich in vitamin C. Consuming wasabi is the right way to meet the body’s need for vitamin C. When vitamin C is fulfilled then the body’s immunity can be increased.

2. Wasabi is rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are important compounds to counteract free radicals that are useful for preventing cancer and premature aging. Among the foods high in antioxidants are wasabi, so do not be surprised if you want to always look youthful you are advised to consume wasabi on a regular basis. The types of antioxidants found in wasabi are isothiocyanates. This antioxidant function is to fight cancer and keep the liver functioning properly.

3. Natural defenses against bacterial infections

The shocking health benefits of wasabi are kill the bacteria. So no wonder many people consume sushi and sashimi by using wasabi. Bacteria that may exist in sushi will be opposed by wasabi, in addition to providing its own delicacy. These root vegetables contain antimicrobials that can kill bacteria that are harmful to the body.

4. Reduce the effects of allergies

Furthermore, the wasabi health benefits is to reduce the effects of seasonal allergies. One cause of seasonal allergies is bacteria, it needs to be eradicated with anti-bacterial. Wasabi is a natural anti-bacterial vegetable that is useful for preventing and treating seasonal allergies.

5. Controlling bad cholesterol in the body

Wasabi is a hypercholesterolemic character, this means having the ability to control cholesterol in the body. This magic vegetable is able to prevent LDL production so as to prevent the blockage of blood flow and consequently bad cholesterol (LDL) is always awake. This is associated with reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

6. Reduce the risk of stroke

All organs of the body need enough blood to function properly. The heart plays an important role in this. Because the task of the heart is to pump blood and then flow throughout the body. The brain is the most important organ that needs a lot of blood and oxygen to keep it functioning properly. The heart can not send blood to the brain if there is a blockage in the arteries. Consuming wasabi can prevent this adverse effect so the blood smoothly and there is no blood clot or stroke.

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7. Prevent cancer

Vegetable root “wasabi” is very useful to prevent deadly disease, cancer. This is thanks to the existence of isothiocyanates substances that are useful to ward off free radicals in the body. Based on research, these substances also play a role in warding off stomach cancer and blood cancer.

8. Reduce heart attack risk

The main cause of heart attack is the presence of blood clots in the arteries, while the heart is forced to work to pump blood, but blood can not be distributed properly because of the clot. Wasabi contains useful compounds to prevent blood clots so that blood flow remains smooth and there is no high pressure on the bloodstream.

9. Reduce the risk of bone fragility

The risk of osteoporosis increases with inflammation and bone swelling. Wasabi is a vegetable that contains anti-inflammatory, isothiocyanate substances that are one of the antioxidants. To maintain bone health and prevent or treat osteoporosis is strongly recommended to consume wasabi regularly.

10. Maintain respiratory health

Nasal problems and sinusitis is one of the problems of respiratory. The content of isothiocyanates substances in wasabi handles the reaction triggers. Although the smell is very stinging, but wasabi health benefits effective overcome breathing problems.

11. Prevent Cavities

Cavities is a common disease in the mouth, usually in the mouth contains a bacterium called “streptococcus”, this bacterium is the cause of cavities. However, wasabi contains anti-bacteria that can fight bacteria in the mouth that can prevent cavities.

Side Effects of Wasabi

1. Wasabi Contained Hepatotoxin

Hepatotoxin is a dangerous toxic substance if consumed in large quantities.

2. Potentially cause liver damage

When toxic substances enter the body, the heart must work hard to dispose of it, but if it continues like this, then the heart is in danger.

3. Cause Allergies

Consuming wasabi is also possible against allergies. If you are allergic to radishes, then be careful of wasabi.

4. Contain Allyl-isothiocyanate

Allyl-isothiocyanate is a substance that can irritate the eyes like red onion. Wasabi can even irritate your skin and nose.