White Spots on Tongue

White Spots on Tongue, How to Get Rid It

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White spots on tongue can happen to anyone, whether in children or adults. The cause also varies, ranging from simple infections, wounds or tongue cancer. Let’s look further!

A common cause of the appearance of white spots on the tongue or all of the mouth is a yeast infection. In children, especially newborns, white patches or white color that envelopes the tongue is a milk precipitate that causes infection.

In addition to the above, white spots on the tongue are probably caused by the infecting Streptococcus Pyogenes. This condition needs treatment and treatment, otherwise it can turn into a scarlet fever, the symptoms are rash, tongue of red spots on the white tongue, neck rash, and upper chest. Can also form enlarged lymph nodes and others.

White spots on the tongue of an adult can be caused by papilla inflammation. This inflammation can be caused by many factors such as smoking, taking certain drugs for long periods, taking immunosuppressants, steroid inhalers, alcoholism, and debauches.

Appearance of the tongue can also change due to vitamin deficiency, and anemia. In addition, disorders of the endocrine glands, stress or eating foods such as jalapeno, hebenaro and spicy foods, acid also tends to cause spots and white spots on the tongue.

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White Spots on Tongue and Mouth Caused by Serious Problem

A patch of white patches appearing on the tongue is also regarded as a geographical condition of the tongue. But this problem should not be considered trivial, because it can increase the sensitivity to certain substances. In addition, there is also called leukoplakia, which can cause white spots on tongue and very difficult in wipes.

Lichen Planus is another name for the disease and problems of the tongue. It can cause white lines on the tongue, some of these cases are not treated but heal by itself after a while. If you have lichen planus, then you should be aware of some habits such as alcohol, spicy foods, and also avoid acid foods.

The presence of white spots on the tongue that can not be described as above, should be suspected because it can be an early sign of tongue cancer. These symptoms can occur without any pain. In the case of such cancers, white spots still exist even though the patient has passed several treatments.

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Tongue?

White patches on the tongue are sometimes frightening because it is likely to be an early symptom of cancer. So, if you are looking for ways to treat this white patch, we will give a simple review, hopefully useful!

1. Gargle with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is famous for its anti microbial and anti fungus. Busting a few drops of tea tree oil with a cup of warm water can remove white patches on the tongue. This is a natural event that is considered a powerful treat problem.

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2. Using Glycerine

Glycerin can also be used as a remedy to remove white spots on the tongue and relieve pain. Spicy and burning sensations can help restore the pain. Using lukewarm water is also effective for restoring spots on the tongue.

3. Anti-fungal drugs

Some white patches on the child’s tongue are caused by Oral Thrush. This white spots can be treated and removed by using anti-fungal drugs that have been prescribed by a doctor.

Another simple way to try is to consume yogurt regularly. Yogurt contains good bacteria that fight yeast infections on the tongue.

If you want to clean the white color on the tongue or stack of certain particles on the tongue. Brush your tongue with a toothbrush when you brush your teeth. But do not rub the tongue too strong.

Rubbing the tongue when brushing your teeth is very good for maintaining the cleanliness of the tongue. A clean tongue provides the benefit of eliminating bad breath. But in some cases, white patches on the tongue can not be wiped off easily, especially if it is caused by Oral Thrush.

Furthermore, how to get rid of white spots on tongue is to maintain a balance diet. Consuming papaya, apples, drinking enough water, stopping smoking, stopping alcohol is the best way to keep your mouth healthy and to catch the appearance of white spots on tongue or tongue strawberries.