Why Do My Nipples Burn

Why Do My Nipples Burn? What You Have To Do

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Why Do My Nipples Burn – Pain and burning sensation in the nipple is often suffer by woman. However, most of them report that the sensation occurs shortly before menstruation and will end after menstruation. So, if circumstances like this are easy to guess at manage. What if such burning sensation and pain that happens random alias irregular.

If your nipple is burning and it is not regular, then you should be wary of it. Let’s look at the following article.

Possible Causes of a Nipples Burn

Nipple burning and cancer

What is the relationship between burning sensations in the nipple and cancer? Based on the research, both have a relationship. Approximately 5-10% of cancer patients with symptoms feel burned on the nipple. Those who are diagnosed as a patient through this symptom, are generally get paget breast cancer. This is a rare type of cancer with symptoms appearing a scaly rash.

If the symptoms that in worry does not cause lumps or skin discoloration, statistically it is not a symptom of breast cancer. However, you still have to be wary of not letting it. If there is pain and burning, it is indicate that your body is in trouble, it is important to know the cause.

Burning on Nipple Due to External Factors

The nipple is very sensitive, then the slightest irritation will certainly cause a burning sensation. Just like the circumstances of your leg injured because you wrongly choose the size of the shoe. The nipples can also arise pain due to unsuitable bra friction.

Here are some possibilities when external factors are the cause:

  • Using a bra that does not fit the size
  • Changes in laundry detergent
  • You as the owner of dry skin
  • exposed to chemicals such as swimming in pools containing chlorine
  • Coarse-grained behavior
  1. Burning sensation and hormones

In addition to the above, hormones can also be one cause of the sensation of burning in the nipple, especially if you feel it is not regularly as when menstruating. Hormonal problems also play a role in giving the sensation of burning on the nipple. If you approach menopause, hormones sometimes fluctuate wildly and uncertainly. Well, this can cause the nipple to become sore and like burning.

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  1. Nipple burning and infection

Infection can also be one of the causes of burning sensations in the nipple. Usually, the infection in the early stages can cause the taste as in mastitis, can also occur due to blocked milk ducts. If caused by infection, the condition of the nipple is accompanied by swelling and redness.

If the burning sensation that you feel does not progress to a further stage, then it is certain to open the infection as the cause.

  1. Nipple burning and nerve problem

In addition to infection, a burning sensation in the nipple can also occur due to past health problems. If you have ever been treated for cancer, such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment, it may also have nerve damage. It can also cause breast pain especially in the nipple.

What should you do about the burning sensation of the nipple?

The important thing you must have is to believe that you are okay. Although there is a disease, you must believe that it is not serious and can be cured. If your doctor says no seriously, ask what the cause is and what treatment you should do and the procedure.

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If you know that it is not an internal factor, then try to get rid of some of the following:

  • Avoid friction bras or harsh detergents
  • Is it an infection? if caused by infection, drugs can help
  • If you are entering menopause, consult a doctor about drugs to stabilize the hormones